Driving Through the Alps in Slovenia

Driving Through the Alps in Slovenia

Driving Through the Alps in Slovenia

Driving Through the Slovenian Alps

If you’re curious what driving through the Alps in Slovenia (in fall) is like, we hope this blog will help you out!  An amazing flight deal found through Scott’s Cheap Flights resulted in Thanksgiving 2019 being spent in one of our favorite countries of Slovenia!  While it was a relatively short trip, we covered some serious ground in the time we had, driving around Slovenia and the Julian Alps.  Our first few days were based in the stunning lake town of Bled and had some amazing bites and sights!  Check out the vlog below for the beautiful and delicious details!

Bled, Slovenia and Driving Tour Vlog

Video in Detail

Bled – Day 1

Our first full day in Bled was a misty and rainy one, but it wasn’t short on highlights.  We spent our morning walking around the lake, taking in a traditional boat ride out to Bled’s iconic island and church, visiting neighboring Bohinj and Radovljica, having a wonderfully tasty traditional dinner, and capping off the night with some Bled Cream Cake (Kremsnita).

Bled – Day 2

Day 2 in Bled gave us some unforgettable weather surprises.  We woke up to an unexpectedly clear morning and hit the road for a drive through the Alps!  Given that it was nearly winter, we assumed that the scenic Vrsic Pass over the mountains would be closed for the season, but after quizzing some locals, we learned that it was open and passable.  We spent our day twisting and turning over the pass with gorgeous views captivating us the whole way.  You’ll see stops at a Russian WWI memorial chapel, a local cheese shop, and more!  The night ended by taking in Bled Castle, the opening night of the Bled Christmas Market, and one final slice of cream cake before continuing on our journey and leaving Bled behind.

In the Video


Bled Cake #1 – Confectionery Zima

Bled Cake #2 – Kavarna Park

Radovljica Dinner – Gostilna Avgustina

Cheese Farm – Camp Jelinc


Castle Rock Apartments Bled

Slovenian Alp Points of Interest

Gostilna Avgustin, Radovljica

Traditional dinner in a charming Slovenian town.

Russian Chapel

Russian Memoral WWI Chapel

Confectionery Zima

Our first stop for Bled Cream Cake (Kremsnita)

Park Hotel Bled

Our second stop for Bled Cream Cake (Kremsnita)

Kluze Fort

Cheese Farm

The farm with locally made sheep’s cheese

Slovenian Alp Driving Route – Vrsic Pass

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