Support Our Cause

The truth about shooting YouTube videos and maintaining a channel and a website is….it costs money.  Each month, we pay license fees for music and video editing software, web hosting and domain/email management fees, etc., and currently, our channel hasn’t generated enough of a following to generate revenue.  That means, we’re currently operating at a loss!

If the content that we produce has left you feeling led to contribute to our cause and help us keep making videos, you can do so in a few different ways.


Donate via PayPal

The simplest way that you can offer support is with a donation.  Asking for money feels weird, but here we are.  If you have the desire to contribute a cash donation, you can do so using the PayPal button below.

Become a Patron

Signing up to be a patron via our Patreon account forces us to work for your support.  Being a patron means that you pledge an amount of your choosing to donate each time that we publish a new YouTube video.  We see this as a great motivator for us to keep producing solid content.  You can cancel this at any time.

AirBnB Referral Link

If you’re new to AirBnB, you can use our referral link to make your first booking.  Using our link gives us a $20 referral credit to use toward future bookings.

Amazon Affiliate Link

By clicking our Amazon affiliate link prior to making your Amazon purchases, we earn a small commission.  Nothing changes for your Amazon shopping experience, you simply help us out by using our link instead of going directly to