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Hi! We’re Darren and Stephanie! We’re an ordinary married couple from the landlocked state of Indiana, with a passion for traveling the world….hence, Landlocked Lovebirds! In our 6 years of marriage, we’ve managed to visit over 30 countries together! Our site is dedicated to teaching you what we know about traveling around the world, eating and cooking incredible bites, photography, videography and video editing, and much more.  If there’s a topic that you want us to blog or vlog about, head over to the Contact Us page, and let us know!

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Trading our R-Pod 180 for a Grand Design XLS 22MLE

Trading our 2020 RPod 180 for a 2021 Grand Design Imagine XLS 22MLE Wow!  What a mouthful of alphabet soup!  If you've followed our YouTube channel, you'll know that in the middle of the pandemic laden year that was 2020, we purchased our first ever travel trailer, a...

Driving Through the Alps in Slovenia

Driving Through the Slovenian Alps If you're curious what driving through the Alps in Slovenia (in fall) is like, we hope this blog will help you out!  An amazing flight deal found through Scott's Cheap Flights resulted in Thanksgiving 2019 being spent in one of our...